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MG '07 Updates
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Posted: Mar 7 2007, 12:24 PM

Super Freak

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more random photos from flickr... a photo set from orpheuscapade including some pictures of harry at the ball

i know i've got someone out there who really digs what i'm doing...
please know that i'll always be singing and playing for you...
as long as you're listening, i'll be there...
Posted: Mar 7 2007, 02:38 PM

Super Freak

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I saw a pic of Hank's float in there (the 2nd set)...I think you could see the Belle on it....I think that was their side!! LOL

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"We Got Jazz Bands, Trad Bands, Funk Bands and Brass Bands, Whatever your heart desires...if you can take that southern heat, then you can party with me, meet me on Frenchmen Street~Shamarr Allen
Posted: Mar 16 2007, 05:12 AM


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QUOTE (Lisa @ Feb 23 2007, 01:49 AM)

Then the guy wanted to ask Sean a question and he says "you're not going to ask me about that Bears game are you?"

Oh my goodness I will probably get cast off the site for saying this, but I was at that game. Soldier field in Brian Urlacher's Suite sitting with Vince Vaugn.....and I was sooooooooooo pumped that the Bears made it......just wish they could have pulled it off in the end! My brother in law is friends with Urlacher so we got to sit like the big dogs in the suite upstairs. Funny story, as Brian's agent a friend from college tells us just so you know Vince Vaughn will be in the box today. No, excuse me way biggie! Anyway, I was walking out the door to get something sweet off the sweet cart when I run literally head on with Vince...he's like Hello there & say oh hello Vince Vaughn...(such and idiot I am). Then he sits next to my sister sticks out his hand and says hello ladies I am Vince Vaugh...we are like n/s...anyway my sister being the commedian she is says hey Vince nice to meet you I am a teacher and so is my sister here...what do you do! At that point he cracks up laughing & says can I buy you ladies a beer, um sure since the beer is free! ha, ha, ha! Anyway huge bears fan...sorry Harry & the rest of the Saints fans!!

Oh and Vince Carrie Bradshaw would say is one tall drink of water! Yum and ee!!

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Posted: Mar 21 2007, 09:40 AM

Super Freak

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What a COOL story, Jorie!!! Your sister is funny! 2thumbup.gif Me likey Vince!
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